Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Dying For Your Faith

Fox News recently aired a special edition of Hannity titled Faith in America: Where do we stand today to discuss President Obama's mandate that requires all health care providers to include birth control in their healthcare coverage.

Somewhere around the 9.50 minute mark, host Sean Hannity asks the panel if they would be willing to go to jail over the issue of abortion and the morning after pill. Father Morris, a Roman Catholic priest and TV personality responds by saying that he is willing to die for his faith.

Fr. Morris: People have died for those things that are absolutely essential to their faith. It's not a question, are you willing to go to jail? But if I'm asked to do something that goes against my conscience, I better be willing to die for that. If I'm not willing to die for that, what am I standing up for if not?

Sounds eerily similar to what an Al-Qaeda suicide bomber would say, don't you think? Sure, he didn't say he was going to kill people, but it's still an extreme and fanatical viewpoint. Especially since the issue is about birth control. He doesn't want women to have a right to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and risk of STDs. What are your thoughts?


  1. He can say things like that easily because he isn't a woman.

  2. I agree. It's outrageous how a panel that discusses birth control consists only of men.